How to Play Domino

Domino is a board game played by two or more players. Nearly all domino games fit into four categories: bidding games, blocking games, scoring games and round games. Each category has its own variations.

The order of play is determined by the rules of the game being played. The player who makes the first play is referred to as the setter, downer or leader. Each subsequent player places one domino on the table positioning it so that its matching end touches the edge of the domino previously placed. When a player cannot place a domino on the table, they must pass their turn. The next player may then “knock” the table and then make a play.

In some games, the score is determined by counting the pips left in the losers’ hands at the end of a hand or the game. The winning player then adds the total number of pips to his score. Normally, both ends of a double are counted, but some players agree to only count one end (for example, 5-5 counts as 10 points).

Another method of scoring in domino is to determine the winner by comparing the sum of the numbers on each domino left in each player’s hand at the end of a hand or the entire game. This is also called the “points” method. It is a good idea to establish the method of scoring before playing and to adhere to it during the game.

To help players keep track of the numbers on their remaining dominoes, many people mark the top and bottom of each domino with a pencil or other marker. This helps the players recognize the pips and to know when they have a match to a domino that is being passed down or byed by an opposing player.

Some players also mark their dominoes with a symbol to distinguish them from the other players. Often, these symbols are the player’s initials or a design that is unique to that person.

When writing a novel, the plotting process is often like arranging a series of dominoes. Each element in the story must be carefully positioned so that it can connect with and influence the other elements. Whether you compose your manuscript off the cuff or take the time to create a detailed outline, plotting a story requires careful consideration of what will happen next.

Domino’s Pizza (DPZ) has a longstanding policy of listening to its customers. The company’s previous CEO, David Brandon, implemented a number of changes that helped to improve employee morale. After the change, new CEO Dominic Doyle continued to promote the value of listening to customers. In the New York Times, he cited a survey that DPZ uses to ask customers to describe their experiences at the restaurant. The survey includes a question asking whether the customer had an enjoyable experience and recommends Domino’s to others. DPZ then publicly displays the results of the survey in Times Square.