Operation Theater

Operation Theater

Operation Theater

Medical Team Performing Surgical Operation in Bright Modern Operating Room

OT Planum

OT Planum



 Modular Operation Theatre

Skyrio Pharma Technology Modular Operation Theatre included the operating room wall, ceiling, floor, laminar system, and fresh air system, we provide the design, equipment, installation to meet the NABl standard. The MOT structure is designed to accept many air conditioning configurations air conditioning system can be installed according to customer demand.

We are offering entire set-up of modular operation theater that is highly demanded by our clients all across the globe. Hygiene and safety standards are key factors that are taken into consideration while fabricating these OT. Further, we also assure that we assist in offering the complete set up which is defect free and easy in handling.

OT Planum

Skyrio Pharma Technology makes high grade range of ceiling mounted plenum. These plenum boxes construct in MS powder coated or SS 304. This laminar air flow terminal boxes are acknowledged for an easy installation, compact size, less maintenance. These ceiling suspended laminar air flow unit miniplate HEPA filter out germs, dust particles, and prevent entering into the sterile area.


  1. Air sealed pressure chamber made from MS powder coated or Stainless Steel 304 grade and mounted on stable profile.
  2.  MS powder coated profile structure with integrated SS frames for the placement of the filter. The aluminum profile provides rails for the essay and seamless placement of the false ceiling.

Technical Specification:

  1. Cleanliness : Class 100
  2. Ergonomic design encourages proper posture reducing fatigue.
  3. Particle retention : 0.3 micron
  4. Velocity : 90FPM + 20%
  5. Illumination : 750 – 800 lumen
  6. Noise level : 60-65 decibels
  7. Standard : FED 209E
  8. Power supply : 220v single phase

OT Encloser

Wall Panel

  1. Skyrio Pharma Technology Modular OT Modular Panel System is specifically designed for aesthetic look and achieving project timelines while maintaining modular flexibility.
  2. Kaizen Airtech Modular OTModular Panel System is specifically designed for aesthetic look and achieving project timelines while maintaining modular flexibility.
  3. The inner surface walls will be fixed to the bricks wall with essential support. The wall panel joint will be invisible after the final wall service
  4. All the sharp edges and corners will be in radius to avoid bacterial contamination. Internal surface of the room wall will be sprayed with water based liquid plastic, wall glaze or equivalent,approved by the architect to a minimum dry film thickness of 300 microns.
  5. Laminated/ pre coated/ SS sandwich panels for Modular OTsystem are designed according to the latest CGMP norms.
  6. Our array quality are modular wall panels, walk able & non walk able ceiling panels with infill material of PUF, EPS, Rockwool and honeycomb.
  7. Each and every component of the system is engineered & developed for easy installation and functioning.

OT Room Doors

Modular OT doors can be configured as single/double swing-out or as horizontal sliding either manual, automatic or semiautomatic. Single entry doors will be 900 mm wide, 2100 tall and 50 mm thick come with 300×400 mm safety viewing windows. Door material will match wall panels and be framed in an aluminum channel for heavy traffic areas. They are sealed with a full gasket jamp and come pre-hung at a factory to ensure proper fit. Standard features include thresholds, commercial grade stainless steel lock sets and safety viewing windows. Door Jamb is a very heavy extrusion designed to eliminate weak door panel frames. All doors are factory pre-hung with hinges and door lockset. Swing-out doors are designed to fit flush with both sides of the wall panel system and are supplied in several dimensions. Double doors (6070) come with the same finishes and features as single doors.

Modular OT Windows

Modular OT system all window units are double glazed, and fit flush with both surfaces of the wall panel system (45mm), standard windows are 40″ high x 45″ wide, with 3/16″ tempered safety glass and have beveled sills on the frames. Also available are full view windows (63″ x 45″), which allow for a greater view both in and out of the cleanroom. Each panel includes a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film laminated between two layers of glass. The two panels sit within a structured framework, and air fills the space between the two panels. Optional glass: 1/4″ laminated, insulated, wire, tinted (UV), polycarbonate etc.

OT Flooring

Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer, which is a result of a reaction that takes place between epoxide “resin” and polyamine “hardener. “Epoxy is basically an adhesive with the properties as a glue that sticks things together. As mentioned earlier, epoxy is durable glue consisting of superior level of bonding properties. Epoxy floor coatings don’t allow the water to stand over them and these can’t be used at the places where water logging is required. Though these epoxy floor coatings can be given desired colors, shine, and durability and this is generally done by adding some compounds to the resin. And this task always demands the services by the experts who have been working with the epoxy floor coatings and know all the standards to be employed with the epoxy floor coatings.

Air Handling Unit

Skyrio Pharma produces the new products based on your drawings or designs to meet your actual needs. All the dimensions and colours are up to your choice. We will keep you noted of each steps during the production process. We offer Air Handling Unit system comprises a large insulated metal box that contains cooling, heating, humidity and air quality control element, fan blower with motor. In Clean room Application air quality is most important factor to maintain required Class, AHU is the greatest source of particulate removing it installed between unfiltered air and filtered air.

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